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The Golden Triangle: Rio De Janeiro, Iguazu Falls, Buenos Aires


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Why We Love This Deal

Two Famous Cities Combined with a Unique Natural Place

Rio de Janeiro is one of Latin America’s iconic cities which should be on the wish list of any traveler to South America. It is vibrant, exciting, immensely friendly, and great fun. It is also considerably safer than you might think. The Iguassu Falls are always a joy to visit but get very crowded at weekends. Buenos Aires offers gourmet cuisine, fabulous shopping, vibrant nightlife, and superb cultural activities from seductive tango to top-notch opera and long sporting traditions from world-class polo to great football.

This signature 9-day journey provides a great little introduction to South America which is ideal for the first-time traveler. One of the great things about this itinerary is that it can be done in reverse order if you prefer and offers the flexibility to add on an extension.

Tour Details

In This 8-night tour, you will enjoy a perfect trip to three unique destinations.

Your trip starts in Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina. Our city tour starts the next day after your arrival. Then, you also have a dinner and tango show in one of the best places in the city.

After your visit to Buenos Aires, it´s time to go to Iguazu Falls. A guide will be waiting for you to transfer to the hotel, where you will stay for 2 nights. During your trip, you will visit both sides of incredible Iguazu Falls. Remember to bring your camera here! Iguazu Falls have beautiful and unique landscapes.

Finally, fly to Rio de Janeiro, where you will be staying for three nights and visiting the best of this destination: Sugar Loaf, the beaches, and Corcovado Mount with Christ the Redeemer.

This amazing trip is also available starting from Rio de Janeiro

What's Included


Arrival and transfer to hotel. Experience the glamor and rhythm of a colorful Rio de Janeiro. Rio means Carnival, symbolized by the exciting music, exotic costumes and rhythmic dance of the samba, a fusion of Portuguese, native and African influences. You’ll be caught up in the excitement of this cultural journey, with a spectacular city known as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Overnight at hotel Copa Sul or similar. 

Breakfast. Excursion Corcovado. He visits to the most famous attraction of the city, the ” marvel of Rio “, more known as Christ Redeemer, chosen the seventh marvel of the modern world. Located to a height of 710 meters, it is one of the tourist points most visited in the city. From the summit, the sight is celestial. From there there will be able to be sighted the beaches, the Lagoon Rodrigo de Freitas, Maracaná’s estádio, the downtown, the north zone, between other places. The raise is in made vehicle. It is outlined for being an ecological tour since the Hunchbacked one forms a part of the National Park of the Wood gives Tijuca (the biggest urban wood of the world). The tour includes also a panoramic visit for the downtown, estimating his modern and historical architecture, emphasizing the Sambódromo, the Metropolitan Cathedral, The traditional square of Filmland, where there are located the Municipal Theatre and the National Library. Overnight at hotel Copa Sul.

Breakfast. This is the day to enjoy the world famous Copacabana beach or Praia de Copacabana. It’s a breath-taking 2.5mi (4.5 km) stretch of bright sand that’s filled with people luxuriating in the sun and soaking up the atmosphere. As night descends the lights go on and football is played until the wee hours. Other groups start singing and dancing and still others are just there to check each other out. The busy sidewalks can get seedy at night so take care. Behind, it raises the Sugarloaf and Morro de Leme in between, which is one of the world’s most densely populated residential areas. It is possible to visit Rio and never leave Copacabana, many hotels are situated here and there are plenty of restaurants and bars and some decent shopping. Overnight at hotel Copa Sul.

Breakfast and transfer to take your flight to Iguazu Falls.

Iguazu falls

Arrive and transfer to check in at hotel Arami hotel & Lodge. Sightseeing tour of the Brazilian side of the falls. One of the most beautiful among world’s natural postcards, the Iguassu Falls are located in Foz do Iguaçu and a few minutes from the city. The Falls, situated in the Iguassu National Park is considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World. Created on January,10, 1939 and listed in 1986 by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage Site, the Iguassu National Park is one of the largest of the Forest reserves in South America as a well as important for the protection of the State’s renewable resources. The type of predominant vegetation is the subtropical rainforest and the araucaria forest, with the presence of palms, imbúia, caviúna, mate herb and other species. The visit to the Park starts at the Visitors’ Center, located at the Park’s entrance, about 12 kilometers from the Iguassu Falls. In this center it is possible to find, besides photo exhibits on the Park and the Falls, a large souvenir shop and a bank terminal. To ensure greater comfort to visitors, the Visitors’ Center has a Medical Post and Bath Rooms including those specially made for the physically impaired. The fees to the Park can be bought at the Visitors Center.

After passing through the Visitors’ Center, the tour continues through a road that crosses the Park and takes us to the wonderful Iguassu Falls. Along the way, information and instructions about the area. Once at the Falls the tour takes place over an easy-to-walk path of approximately 1.200 meters which allows contact with the host coatis.

At the end of the tour, we are presented with a panoramic view of the Falls, from a platform where we feel elated after an energizing bath tanks to the Floriano, Deodoro and Garganta do Diabo Falls. The tour ends on the upper part of the Falls, reached by a panoramic elevator. From here, we go to the Porto Canoas area, that receives us with a soothing view of the Upper Iguaçu River. Overnight at hotel Arami hotel & Lodge

After breakfast we will cross the border to Argentina to see the waterfalls from the Argentinean side of the waterfalls Tour. On the transfer to the Argentinean side of Iguassu Falls, visitors will cross a bridge measuring 480 meters in length and built 1985, known popularly as the “International Fraternity Bridge” although its official name is International Tancredo Neves Bridge, connecting the two countries, Brazil (Foz do Iguaçu) and Argentina (Puerto Iguazu).

The Iguazu Falls on the Argentine side are located in the Iguazú National Park, province of Misiones, 28 kilometers from the center of Foz do Iguaçu and 45 kilometers from the Tropical Hotel das Cataratas of the Cataracts. The bridge lies approximately 20 kilometers, downstream from Iguassu Falls and just 2 kilometers, upstream from the confluence of the Iguaçu and Paraná Rivers, where visitors will be able to have a pretty panoramic sight of the Three-Frontier Landmark on each corner of the three borders: Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina.

Upon arrival at the Iguazú National Park visitors will pass through a Visitors’ Center equipped with an excellent infrastructure such as: toilets, medical emergency, and interpretation panels on the biodiversity of the Park, from where they will leave for the two stations of the ecological trains, idealized to transport people to the Park’s attractions with a low environmental impact; with a duration of 20 minutes approximately as far as the several points of interest.

The first stop will be at Cataratas Station from where the visit to the Upper and Lower part of Iguassu Falls begins. After the end of this tour passengers, will board the train again for the Devils’ Throat Station, this is one of the most important observation points of the Falls. It is an unforgettable and emotional trip. Overnight at hotel Arami hotel & Lodge.

Breakfast and transfer to take your flight to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Arrival and transfer to hotel Wardorf.

Breakfast. City Tour: In this tour we invite you to discover Buenos Aires considered the “Reina del Plata” Starting the tour around the center of the city where the most attractive places are located: Av. 9 de Julio, Colón Theatre and the Obelisk “the symbol of Buenos Aires”. We will continue towards Plaza de Mayo and later to the south of the city passing trough San Telmo with its “tanguerías”, La Boca and Caminito. Continuing to Puerto Madero, the renewed port of the city and important gastronomic area. We will also visit the biggest green space of Buenos Aires, Palermo, with its parks and buildings and last Recoleta, a neighborhood where culture and elegance live together. Overnight at hotel Wardorf.

After breakfast, excursion “Tigre & Delta” Tour: In this tour we will visit the coast area of Buenos Aires, starting by Av. del Libertador, Costanera, Jorge Newbery Airport and River Plate stadium. Passing through the Presidencial House of Olivos, arriving at Maipú Station of the Coast Train. At San Isidro Station, you will have free time to visit its attractions. We will continue by bus from San Isidro to Tigre, there we will enjoy a navigation between the rivers and creeks, one of them, Sarmiento river, where the ex-president Sarmiento´s house is located. Ending at the Fluvial Station and returning to Buenos Aires. Overnight at hotel Wardorf.

Breakfast and transfer to take your flight back to your country.


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These decisions are oriented in terms of passenger safety and in the interest of the island’s conservation.

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